The Gamera Bundle is a bundle part of the Godzilla world

Figures Edit

  • Gamera (Description: Your limbs become jets when idle)
  • Gyaos
  • Barugon (Description: Shoot out, rainbows ?)
  • Guiron (Description: Cut into obstacles with your knife head)
  • Viras
  • Jiger (Description: Look out for a statue)
  • Zigra

Gameplay Edit

The Bundle was previewed on an APK, the music is an instrumental version of the Gamera song sung in Gamera vs Gyaos. The environment changes to the environment of a planet which is featured in Gamera vs Guiron. The Out of Time Death (when playing as Gamera) is Barugon's rainbow, for Gyaos, Barugon, Guiron, Viras, Zigra and Jiger it is a spinning flying Gamera.

The Bundle costs $2.50 for the characters, it includes two secret characters: Zigra and Jiger

It was added during the Spain update

Trivia Edit