Cinco El Jaguar Rojo is a Rare figurine part of the Latin America collection

Description Edit

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo !

Appearance Edit

Cinco El Jaguar Rojo is a pink jaguar with purple spots and a blue and purple hat. He has a red and white mask, a red ribbon, multicoloured feet and a white dove. The Dove has a red beak, a blue hat and holds maracas.

Behavior During Gameplay Edit

When Playing as Cinco de Mayo, the environment changes to the Cinco de Mayo festival and the dove shakes the maracas

How to Unlock Edit

Cinco El Jaguar Rojo is unlocked when you play as El Jaguar Rojo and collecting 500 decorations on May 5th (Cinco de Mayo). Once that expires, Cinco El Jaguar Rojo is unlockable through the Plucka Duck Lotto

Trivia Edit

  • The Original El Jaguar Rojo comes from a different world as Cinco El Jaguar Rojo, despite being the same character.

Gallery Edit